Go Green!! Go Mobile!!
100 % water less Car wash & Auto Detailing

Washing a vehicle in a typical  car wash can use more than 85 gallons of water,
Thanks  to  Advances in Technology now we can clean your vehicle without the hassle of a hose or wash bucket ,The only thing to do is Spray ,Wipe & Buff! Yes!I was very skeptical and worry about scratch the paint or the finish of any vehicle! but the results was amazing & speak for themselves . 
Water less car wash will not scratch you paint ! is safe for any  finishes and Great on Clear-coats, Spray & wipe is the easiest way to clean your vehicle Any time ,
 Any where, In the Shade or in the Sun , No problem!
Thanks to the Polymers Technology Now you can See & feel amazing results Of our water less car wash Any time & Any where! Why Go to the Car wash ? Let the car wash come to you!
This is how it works !
Formulated of water , Emulsifiers, Surfactants & Polymers the encapsulate the Dirt and Grime in the surface of your vehicle to prevent  any damage or scratches , I s Alcohol -free.no wax,no silicone.
but still produce a professional look to compete  with any  detail-er , Water less not only make your car clean but also  protect your finish against  UVs rays and give you a car show finish the will last for weeks or even months!
Warning :Water less car wash  Is not for everyone, It's meant for New vehicles  and well maintained  vehicles .You don't want to use this instead of traditional bath for a very dirty car or cover in mud vehicle! It does not add any protection ,nor strip any way!