Thank you so much for making my Truck look so NEW and clean. 
I am very lucky that you put such caring and effort into what your work.  Many thanks for your efforts - especially today when I  needed the help to make my vehicle look like new. I can tell you worked very hard and it showed.
Many thanks again, from a very satisfied customer. 
--Tom Smith

Dear Gus & L and G Mobile truck wash Services,
You gave my Company Vehicles a big lift when I saw the job you did in my  vehicles. I was very lucky to find honest hardworking people like you to clean my trucks.
Thank you for the  job you did. I will definitely tell my friends  about you. Count on me to be your customer for life.
--Bob Fenton

Thanks for the Great oportunity to Serve you!
My Family and I are very proud of our Services and we'll continue to keep the hard work to just for you!

Why go to the car wash ?  Let the car wash come to you!
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